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Scribblings From A Lilac Aerie

Clax's Journal

Claxon Thunderwing
25 February
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Hey! It's me, Claxon Thunderwing..most people just call me Clax for short though. Yeah, I know what you're thinking..An Aerie with a Live Journal? Hey, why not? I'll be typing up some of the adventures I have, or anything cool that happens to me or my other brother and sisters in here.

My "owner" is HollyAnn hollyannvix and she set this journal up for me; she's been great, and she doesn't even consider us "pets", but as her friends! As I mentioned before, I have a brother talin_fantail and two sisters, medaglia and fahwna, and my blood-sister, auroratry.

Let's see, here's a few more things you can know about me:

I'm a Lilac Aerie. I'm about 164cm tall, and about 132lbs. My Level and other stats keep changing, so there's no real point in posting them here. If you wanna know more about me, feel free to visit us in Subeta.

Now, I know what you're saying... "But weren't you an Eyrie, living in Neopia?" Yes, I was. But we've moved out of Neopia now and I'm Aerie now. We like the land of Subeta much better than Neopia.