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Sort-of Update Aug. 22nd, 2010 @ 07:21 am
Yes, it's been a while.  Again.  Not too much to update this time.

The Altador Cup has come and gone.  I've played for Meridell again (and most likely always will, anyways), and I'm happy to see that they did very well this year.  They didn't win, but their standing in the game is much closer to the winner's stance than it ever has been, which makes me very happy.  Perhaps next year will be the year for them.

Holly has been unbelieveably busy.  She hasn't visited Subeta in...well, such a long time.  But a few days ago, she came back in the middle of our bored-fest, and the gang and I were really happy to see her again.  She said that she'd like to come to back to Subeta for a little while, whenever she has the time, because she's missed it.  

As a special treat, she bought Rora a Glade Potion as a surprise.  Rora wasn't exactly sure what to make of it, she does like being a Dawn Irion (yes, that's apparently what we Aeries are now called here now), but she's seen a few a Glade Irions around and thought they were really pretty.  And besides, the potion itself was extremely expensive, we didn't want to disappoint Holly.  She assured us that she made up for the money by selling off things that have been gathering dust in her inventory and safe, so all was good.  And Rora took the potion...

<img src="http://images.subeta.net/pets/irion_glade.png">

All I can say is...Wow!  My little sister has really grown up over the years, and now, she's so very pretty!  I'm sure that if she ever meets up with a mate, she will make that one lucky guy very happy. 

Now if only there were a way for Irions to become Galaxy.  No, they still haven't granted us that colour yet...But if or when they do, I still have my little gem packed away for that day.

Rora and I still visit Neopia occasionally..things are still unbelieveably difficult to buy and gain Neopoints there - and Rora is still a Faerie Eyrie over there.  But it's still very much easier to gain currency here in Subeta.  I don't think I would ever perminantly move back to Neopia. 

Anyways, I figured I'd just update this little tidbit.  The gang and I are doing well, and life seems to be more fun and eventful now that Holly is visiting again, despite her busy schedule. 

I'm not sure if anyone even reads my journal anymore but...to those who do, yes, we're still alive and kicking.
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Jun. 9th, 2009 @ 09:07 am

Twitter Updates

    Played a good game of Y-ball yesterday; won against VPs. Got a hug from Fiorina. Felt warm and fuzzy inside. :} Off to play today's game.
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    Jun. 8th, 2009 @ 10:22 am

    Twitter Updates

    Got an item from Snowy, won 1k on the fruit machine; sucky dailies, otherwise. Neolodge is out of food. We're all hungry.

    Twitter? Jun. 8th, 2009 @ 10:07 am
    Today, Holly gave me a gift.

    It was a pouch that I can hang around my neck, and inside was a little electronical device that has a window and a very tiny keyboard on it. I asked her what this was.

    She told me it was a pocket computer, and she noticed that people still follow my LiveJournal and such, but I have a bad habit of not updating it as much as I should. "You don't want your friends to think you've fallen off the world, have you?" she says. Why would I do that? I can't fall off of the world. It's round. And even so, I can fly. She said it was just a saying.

    The pocket computer is always logged into a place called Twitter. Basically, I just type up how my day is going on this little pocket computer, hit "Send" and it'll update my status for all to read. Interesting. -shrugs- I guess I'll give it a try. Although I honestly don't think my life is all -that- interesting as of late. But who knows?

    If you'd like to keep up with my Twitter updates, you can find them here:


    They will also be posted on my LiveJournal, so I'm sure you don't need to watch me on both Twitter AND my journal.

    Now I'm off to complete the rest of my dailies...
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    Altador Cup Jun. 3rd, 2009 @ 10:42 pm
    Yes, it's been a long while again, hasn't it? Truth be told, Holly doesn't visit Subeta as often as she used to...And I kind of miss it a little. I do still travel back and forth between there and Neopia, but I've been hanging out more on Neopia then Subeta. I'm afraid to say, but Talin, Medaglia and Fahwna are slowly growing apart from Rora and I. They've finally met a couple of friends and they hang out with them often...they seem to be behaving - and growing up as well. It makes me wonder if there will be a time when they don't need their big brother anymore...

    Rora spends most of her time in Neopia too. She adores finally being a Faerie Eyrie, but she's still having a hard time finding friends. I don't think she will ever find a mate. She won't talk about it, but I still believe she is still heartbroken over Godric.

    We miss you, my brother. Wherever you are, I hope all is well with you.

    Well, the main reason why I'm posting here again is that the Altador Cup has started again. The 4th year. When I heard that the cup was starting up, I had been in Subeta for a little while. Coming back to Neopia after a month and becoming a little more active there again was just like never leaving: We won junk Neopoints on the Wheel of "Excitement", won nothing in Tombola, scratchcards, Coltzan and the Fruit Wheel, been zapped a couple times, as well as been blasted by Snowie a few times too. Good to be home...heh.

    Holly brought us all down to see what team we we were going to sign up for. Rora isn't all that interested in the Cup, since sports aren't her thing. Kyoko seemed somewhat interested, but only to hang out with the other Tyrannian team members, talk and hang out with them, rather than to play. Rumiy is more along the same boat as Rora...she really doesn't care much for sports, but she'll watch it if she has to, and has also agreed to cheer me on, on whatever team I choose to play with.

    I already knew what team I was going to sign up with. Meridell, of course. X} Fiorina was there again. :} She recognized me right away, and gave me a hug and told me that she had missed me and thought of me all year while she and the Meridell team were off for practice. She is, unfortunately, still unavailable (still with her boyfriend), but she welcomed me to hang out with the team again and to go out and some milkshakes. They did, however, bring that up during one of our outtings...the team had suspected that I had a crush on Fiorina, and it was brought public to the rest of the team by both she and I, but since I know she has a mate already, I won't persue her any further beyond the friendship line. "Wizard" - the team's captain - had also asked me that if it weren't for the fact that Fiorina being on the team, would I even be siding with Meridell. I admitted that it was the main reason why I chose to play for Meridell last year, but I had so much fun with the rest of the team since then, that I'm glad to side with the team now. He joked about it, and said something along the line of "Well, we better keep Fiorina around for you!" -blush-

    The lack of Eyries on the teams still both surprises but...not surprise me, both at the same time. There are so many Eyries out there with potenials...if only they could be recognized. As much as I like the Meridell Team, and "Wizard" is an Ok guy...for a Techo...I feel like Fiorina should be the captain of the team. Not because I have a mild crush on her or the fact that she's an Eyrie...but I've seen her play. She's quite possibly the best player of the team, and honestly I feel she doesn't get that much credit. I remember last year, she scored more goals on the team than anyone else.

    Yesterday, Meridell lost to Shenkuu, which was unfortunate, but you can't win them all. Today we played against Darigan, and I'm not sure how we did this time. One of the things that utterly annoys me are those announcers before and after the game. The way they talk about Meridell, they make the team sound like...well, a loser team. -shakes head- Even when we win, they don't sound all that impressed with Meridell. I would laugh beak off we eneded up winning the Cup this year...or even made it to one of the top places.

    In other Cup news, Brightvale isn't participating. Part of me is kind of glad, as I'm not too fond of Brightvale's king, the other part of me is starting to wonder...last year, Kiko Island wasn't there, and this year, it's Brightvale. When I looked at the teams, I'm starting to wonder if they did this on purpose, because it's an odd number of teams? Very curious. I do hope that Meridell won't be one of the teams to get axed in the future. And if they do, I hope it's the far future.

    There's also another game I've been playing too: Shootout Showdown. Basically, you get five goals (it's just kicking a mock-up Yuooyuball past a Chia goalie) and you can win NeoCash items. Or so I thought. Apparently, you need to purchase tickets in the NeoCash shop in order to claim your NeoCash item. But the cheapest they have the tickets are 200 NeoCash, and we only have 125. It kind seems pointless in a way... I mean, come on, how can ANYONE win a Neocash prize if you can't even buy a NeoCash ticket when you don't have enough NeoCash on you? -sigh- Oh, Creators...and you wonder why I had left Neopia...I even had my eye on a Meridell jersey in the Cash shop, but we can't even afford that. I had asked Holly if we might get more NeoCash in the future, and she told me "Maybe. Maybe if I do an art commission in exchange for one...I'll have to to see, so I can't promise anything right now."

    Anyways, time for bed for me. Gotta get up tomorrow for more Yuooyuball. We're up against Lost Desert tomorrow.
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    Eyrie Day and New Look Oct. 8th, 2008 @ 12:44 pm
    I haven't updated up in a long time, so I figured I would take the time to do so.

    To be honest, not much has been going on.

    Holly has been busy in another land known as Rescreatu and has left me in charge of the Eyrie Group in Neopia, as well as everyone else in Subeta. Thankfully, everyone is behaving and keeping out of trouble.

    Eyrie Day is coming up again in Neopia, and once again, Holly will not be here to celebrate it with us, as it conflicts with her Thanksgiving celebrations in the Real World. -sigh- I wish I could, just once, spend Eyrie Day with her. But she told me she would enlist us with free courses from Ol' Three Legs before she leaves for her holiday. So...it shouldn't be a total loss, I suppose.

    In the meantime, when I went to check up on everyone in Subeta, I noticed I looked different when I stepped into the land...

    I went to find a mirror quickly so I could check out my new look. I...I look more like a gryphon now! :} I like this new look, and so did Holly when she came to check up on us as well. Holly has told me that she has always loved the colour combination of purple and blue, and she thinks it looks good on me. And I'm agreeing with that. :}

    Apparently, we are no longer called Aeries now. We are called Irions. Strange. Apparently some of the native Aeries...er...Irions, have been calling each other this for a while now, so the Creators of Subeta made it official. That name will take some getting used to.

    Still, I liked the look so much, that I went back to Neopia and brought Rora back, just to see what she would look like in her Dawn colours...

    She likes her colours and how she looks like in Subeta, but she still prefers to stay in Neopia, now that she's a Faerie Eyrie. But she says she'll still visit Subeta from time to time.

    So, that's it for updates and such. I hope everyone else is doing well.
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    Rora's In the Beauty Contest Jul. 25th, 2008 @ 10:48 pm
    My little sister is in this week's Beauty Contest. And she's up against a bunch of other pretty tough nominees. I doubt this is going to be easy.

    But with your help, I think she will win Gold. :}

    So if you can, vote for her. A larger version of the drawing Holly made can be found on Rora's petpage.


    Thaniks guys!
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    Altador Cup Over Jul. 22nd, 2008 @ 12:02 am
    Well, the Altador Cup is over.

    Meridell scored 5th place, which is actually pretty respectable, and I'm happy for them! :} It just goes to show that when you're in a team who's there to play because they love the game, and not looking towards the goal of winning and they do their best with each and every game, that they really can go far. They may not have won one of the top 3 ranks, but they're #1 in my book. I think I'll join their team again for next year's Cup as well.

    Once the winners had been announced and the greater part of the ceremonies were over, the Meridell team and I went out to celebrate another year passed with the Altador Cup. They even treated me to a strawberry milkshake - my favourite! We toasted to the winners of the Cup, as well as the runners-up, and to all the teams who participated, as well as to the Kiko Lake players who weren't able to make it into the cup this year, due to them being trapped in cave and they arrived too late. They also toasted to me, which really touched me, for playing so well with them. :}

    After our celebration, they came along with me to pick out some prizes from the points I earned from playing in the Cup.

    In the typical Neopian fashion, why am I not surprised that the prizes really suck? Wow. Frisbees and slushies were pretty much the "big thing" of the prize list. I had enough points that I could afford a Darigan jersey, although I really would've liked to have had a Meridell jersey, but...eh, Darigan's better then Haunted Woods. So I got myself a Darigan Jersey, a Meridell Frisbee, and a Meridell Slushie. I also picked up two Roo Island frisbees that I might see about selling later, if they'll actually be worth something.

    Once things started to die down a little, I had the chance to hang out with Fiorina for a little bit more. I asked her what she was planning on doing, now that the Cup is over. She said she'll be doing what the others will be doing...continuing to practice for next year's Cup, but only after she gets a month or two to rest and relax.

    I told her that while she relaxes and enjoys her vacation from training, she's more than welcomed to hang out with us...or just me. Heh. But then she said something that made my heart strings break: "Would it be alright if my boyfriend came along? I haven't seen much of him since the whole Cup was going on, and I've love to have fun with you and your friends if he's able to come along!"

    So...She's unavailable, I'm sorry to say. And...well, that's when she also found out that I held a little flame for her. She was very apologetic, and told me she should have mentioned her boyfriend sooner, to avoid getting my hopes up. It was a let-down...but we talked things through, and we have decided to be friends, which I'm still glad to be, as she's a very unique Eyrie.

    So, besides from that, Holly told me that she was lucky to have won 10,000 from a scratch card. I thought that was neat, especially since we haven't been having much luck lately.

    I've been thinking a lot about Meridell lately too. It's a nice land. And in a way, I kind of like it better than Faerieland, where we originally had our home before we offcially left Neopia. I talked to Holly about maybe getting a home plot in Meridell someday, and she said, "Well...there's kinda something I have to tell you..." But the way she said it, it sounded like she might have some bad news...Oh wonderful...

    She then held out a paper to me.

    It was a deed to a house plot in Meridell! 8}

    "It's not final yet," she said, "but I just got it with the money I won from the scratchcard! You seemed to be really into Meridell lately, and since you played your best in the Cup, I thought I'd surprise you with this! ...And maybe something else too."

    Then she pulled out something from her pocket...NeoCash! Good heavens!

    She rounded all four of us Eyries and took us shopping at the NeoMall! My goodness, I don't think I can remember the last time we were all treated like this! It's...been so long since we were spoiled! X}

    Rora got a lovely Faerie Dress and a new background. Kyoko got a Tyrannian hair bone to put on her head, as well as a Tyrannian hide to fit on her body. Rumiy got a new pair of fiery wings and a fire boa, along with a new background, and Holly...she spoiled me the most! She got me a complete set of Meridell Guard! Chainmail, helmet, shield...everything!

    I asked her where she got so much NeoCash from, and she told me that she did an art commission for someone and they paid her by giving her NeoCash! I thought that was really cool of them. :} It's...so rare that we get spoiled like this. It really does make us feel welcomed here in Neopia...like we're someone again.

    From left to right: Rora, Me, Kyoko and Rumiy (click the image to see it full)

    Well, that's our excitement for the night. I can't wait to see what our new home will be like in Meridell. Wow...we'll have to start getting furniture again...
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    My Sister is Home Jul. 2nd, 2008 @ 10:43 am
    Rora is back with us.

    And she is a Faerie Eyrie. :}

    I have never seen her so happy before in my life. :}
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    An Announcement Jun. 17th, 2008 @ 08:48 pm
    I'm happy to announce that, as of June 14, 2008, my little sister Auroratry has become a Faerie Eyrie.

    For REAL!

    Holly has told us that she had heard back from her friend who was zapping her with the Lab Ray...she didn't get zapped too many times and I must admit, the odds of her getting zapped into the Faerie colour were very slim...I was almost waiting for the ray to change her into something else, or in the worst case, change her gender.

    Luckily, none of that happened, and she's now a true Faerie Eyrie!

    Congratulations little sister! We can't wait until the first of next month to see you come home!
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